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Seizure Wet Dreams by Tony O’Neill

ISBN 978-0-9552829-0-4

Swank Bisexual Wine Bar of Modernity by HP Tinker

ISBN 978-0-9552829-1-1

London Pub Reviews

ISBN 978-0-9552829-2-8

All from a book shop near you!



1. Brian McGettrick - September 5, 2006

Was wondering if Seizure Wet Dreams by Tony O’Neill is still availble from yourselves and how much for – amazon have a four to six week wait and a sourcing fee – I’d rather pay yourselves direct.

2. Phoenix - October 19, 2006

Same question as Brian – can I buy Swank Bisexual from you direct please?

3. James - October 19, 2006

Are any of these books available yet? Amazon has a finder’s fee for Tony O’Neill and the others do not appear.

4. Jules - November 2, 2006

Same questions as above, and wondering if they’re answered.


5. Heidi - November 3, 2006

Yes, indeed you can buy direct from us. Tony’s book is ready now, the others are in production and out very soon.

All our books are 6.99 + a quid postage, Please forward a cheque payable to H Garwood, with your address etc to 50-51 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4LR

6. samjordison - November 29, 2006


Don’t know if you spotted that someone gave you a heads-up (at one remove) on a piece I wrote for the Guardian books blog yesterday…


Anyway, I’m intrigued and am testing the possibility of writing a piece about writers and publishers who are making the most of myspace and co… And generally looking for new ways to get past the traditional publishing hurdles.

I’d really like to see some examples of the work your writers have produced – and talk to you too.

Be great if someone there could drop me a line… iamsamiamthatsme-web@yahoo.co.uk

[Would also be good if you could erase this message when you’ve read it so it doesn’t stay online forever – couldn’t find a ‘contact’ page on your site!]

All the best,


7. Disappointed - December 11, 2006

This website is embarrassing.

8. The Truth - December 30, 2006


9. Social Disease - December 31, 2006

Indeed, which is why we are having the whole site overhauled in the next few weeks… thanks for your patience!!

10. design 2000 marketing - January 19, 2007

The comment of mr/mrs disappointed of December, could in reality be more constructive in his/her ( I am sure welcomed criticism) and have expanded on the reasons for there trite observation.
What is more disappointing is that this person does not seem to quantify their reasoning behind this statement and misses the point of both social disease and its existence, the very reason it is here from my observation, is to allow people to find a route of expression and self development. The point, Dear Disappointed has missed totally.

As for the truths comment ‘ditto’. DITTO how small a mind can get. If this is such an affront then dear guys get off your arses and make comments that matter. If not stand back and watch those that care, grow and master their forum.
Social Disease I applauded you

Laird of Kincavel

11. Levacnik fo Drial - February 7, 2007

It’s embarassing, very embarassing, starting with Sam Jordison being not able to find a contact page, (BTW, his message still there), the “latest” is back to September/2006, the books mentioned in this page were not available yet !!!???? – Is that enough to explain why it is so embarassing?

12. Mike Bennett - February 8, 2007

My name is Mike Bennett and I am podcasting my novel ‘One Among the Sleepless’ to the world from my website: http://www.oneamongthesleepless.com and Podiobooks.com.
My novel is unlike anything else in the world of podcast fiction: it’s a British novel about sex, death and noisy neighbours.
I turned to podcasting because I knew that no publisher on Earth would publish me. Now I have a global audience of listeners who, tired of chicklit, dadlit, mumlit etc, can hear something a bit different.
If you’re looking for something different too, I invite you to check out ‘One Among the Sleepless’. It’s new, it’s free and it’s not going to be sharing shelf space with Cecelia Aherne and friends in a million years.

13. Zsolt Alapi - June 22, 2007

Hey Heidi. Did you know that when you click on your name, it takes you to a Hungarian website? I found this fascinating, since Magyar is my native tongue. Heidi=Swiss or Austrian, I can understand, but Hungarian? What great secret are you keeping? By the way, can you give me a quote for how much it would be for about 35 copies of Tony O’Neill’s book sent to Canada? I got some books about a year ago from Laura Hird, and the cost of shipping was almost prohibitive. I’m thinking of using Tony’s book in a course I am teaching in Januaray 2008. No rush on this. Be well.

14. Huw Nesbitt - November 25, 2007


Do you have any copies of Everyday? Amazon do not, and neither do the book depository! Please let me know as I am very keen to get hold of a copy before Christmas if pos.

Much love,


15. Emma Lewington - February 18, 2008

Hi, is ‘Everyday’ available from you?

Lee was at Manchester Met when I was there, and it is good to see someone ‘living and breathing’ literature.

I would prefer to buy from you if possible.


16. Melina - March 23, 2008

Heidi remember me? We need to talk? “Oh yer! Somehow 10 ago I was sacked by Freddie for some no apparent reason and for some apparent reason my life has gone from bad to worse! Oh very much worse and maybe you might know a little something about this matter! Its so easy what someone can do with a little magic isnt it out of jealousy!Heidi from your old Pal Heidi you so wrongly judged or maybe bullied for no apparent reason!!!!! Emmmmmm? Now do you remember? Happy now?

17. Jimmy - April 30, 2008

That’s amazing. Melina. What happened? This is better/worse than almost everything I’ve ever seen.

18. Lee - November 11, 2008

Hello all,

Please go to:



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