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The swank bisexual wine bar of modernity June 7, 2006

Posted by socialdisease in HP Tinker.

The swank bisexual wine bar of modernity is a collection of 16 stories by HP Tinker during which:

Paul Gauguin considers himself moderately in love with Jacqueline Du Pre
Pierre Boulez redevelops Kandahar for homosexuals
● a General re-reads The Color Purple between battles, close to tears
● pornography enjoys renewed popularity due to the extensive modeling work of Bertrand Russell
● the Morrissey Exhibition arrives in Your Town
● a writer uncovers great truths in the back of a Cortina
● a detective ponders the ambiguous relationship between Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jnr
● beautiful memories of a Nazi childhood are revisited
● due to the greatest hits of Tina Turner a woman’s feelings are never truly considered
● an old lady is pushed into a canal
● the Irish poet and critic Tom Paulin leaves the top button of his shirt undone to affect a more casual appearance
● a minimalist lives in surprising opulence
● conflict and inner turmoil are the long-term effects of taking substantial quantities of heroin in various anonymous bathroom settings
● the author’s death leads to the overthrow of the entire Haitian government
Jean Vigo contemplates the nature of time in a hotel lobby
● life strikes me as largely unfair

“Hilarious deadpan surrealism”
(The Times)

“Unusual, arresting, smart and very funny” (The Independent)

“Fizzes with the kind of zany, surreal conjunctions that recall Barthelme and Pynchon in their prime” (The Guardian)


HP Tinker May 24, 2006

Posted by socialdisease in HP Tinker.
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HP TinkerHP Tinker lives and writes in Manchester. His stories have been published in Ambit, 3:AM Magazine, Pulp.net, Dreams That Money Can Buy, the Laura Hird Showcase, and other places.

He has been anthologised in Dreams Never End (Tindal Street) and The Edgier Waters: 5 Years of 3:AM Magazine (Snowbooks). The Swank Bisexual Wine Bar of Modernity is his first collection of stories.