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September 4, 2006

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Lee Rourke is a Mancunian currently residing in Hackney,
London. He is the founder and editor of
Scarecrow (www.hodmandod.blogspot.com).


Scarecrow was founded in October 2004 as an online forum for book reviews, literary comment, short fiction and nation-wide art when, quite disillusioned with events in the publishing world, he decided to turn his back on the mainstream bookish blatherskites and focus primarily on misunderstood, ignored and abandoned underground and independent literary fiction and culture.


Scarecrow continues to bang the drum for the unheard, the unconventional, the eccentric, the revolutionary and the radical, and has evolved into a showcase for published and unpublished writers of short fiction and poetry and receives submissions from all corners of the globe each week – some make its pages most don’t.

 Lee Rourke also reviews books for ReadySteadyBook.com. His short fiction has been published in numerous online and print publications and he regularly writes for Dazed & Confused Magazine and London’s The Penny.


August 31, 2006

Posted by socialdisease in Lee Rourke.
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Lee Rourke’s collection of pithy interwoven short stories form the seamless whole that is Everyday, a collection which revels in routine ordinariness and life’s random patterns. Both contemporary and nostalgic, Everyday peers beneath the surface of life in the capital and around it, documenting every moment that passes and unflinching in despair at what it finds. This is a celebration of the banal, avoiding the pretension of the modern novel. Invoking the work of JG Ballard at his best, Alexander Baron’s keen eye for grimy subsistence and exhuming the spirit of Baudelaire in his flaneurial prime, Lee Rourke is clearly an interesting new writer obsessed with what ails us and what many other writers unfortunately lack the capacity to document.